Aprilia FV2 Concept bike Milan

Aprilia FV2 Concept Bike
It's naked, it's nasty and we like it! The Aprilia FV2 Concept was unveiled at this month's EICMA show in Milan. The Apriila DOHC V-Twin gets bored out to 1200cc to full SBK Superbike specs and gets hung from a minimalist frame connecting the front and rear wheels. Up front are carbon fibre front struts like the Confederate Wraith with a cantiilever suspended monoshock, and out back is a Monoshock suspended carbon fibre swinagrm. We say Aprilia should quit wasting their time in the MotoGP 250cc class and take this sucker World Superbike racing! Dig the open megaphones to blow Harleys off the road and emit lots of hydrocarbons.

Aprilia FV2 Concept bike Milan

Aprilia New Bikes 2008

Aprilia SMV 750 Dorsoduro
The Maxi Supermoto Wars are on and we're loving it! Aprilia's counter attack to Ducati's low-tech 2-valve air cooled 1080cc V-twin Hypermotard is this hot new high tech 4-valve DOHC watercooled 750cc V-twin installed in a lightweight, agile frame. Add a streamlined design, wide handlebars and prestige components. This is the explosive cocktail just created by Aprilia’s R&D department and unveiled this week at IECMA.

Once again Aprilia has amazed the motorcycling world with another highly innovative design, destined to dominate the maxi motard segment. The Aprilia SMV 750 DORSODURO is not just another twin cylinder motard, but a motorcycle that embodies all of Aprilia’s vast experience in competitive supermotard racing, a speciality in which Aprilia has so often dominated the competition. The Aprilia SMV 750 DORSODURO is the ultimate mix of incredible agility, sports performance, essential styling and quality build, and combines features taken from the worlds of supersport and supermotard motorcycles (including top competition machines).

A riding position carefully calculated to deliver total control, a mighty 95 horsepower engine and an amazingly agile chassis are the distinctive features of the Aprilia SMV 750 DORSODURO.
No bland machine for the masses, but a true thoroughbred that only expert riders can really appreciate, the SMV 750 DORSODURO carries you into a world of high performance and even higher emotions that very few other motorcycles can enter. Graced with the agile handling of all motards, the SMV 750 DORSODURO adds a level of power normally only found on road-going supersports.

An advanced engine and an exceptional chassis (typical of all Aprilia motorcycles) are the trump cards of the SMV 750 DORSODURO, which also boasts sporting looks and a level of agility never before experienced on a twin.

Lightweight, agile, and powerful, the SMV 750 DORSODURO benefits from a new generation of engine and some of the most advanced technical solutions found on any motard. Thanks to advanced electronics, its compact 90° V twin engine delivers power that rivals or exceeds that of many larger twins. And as Aprilia traditions demand, the chassis is simply unrivalled. Developed to deadly effect on the super-specialist SXV, this mixed steel trellis and aluminium frame has become the hallmark of Aprilia motards. With technical specifications far in advance of the competition, this frame sets new standards for rigidity and agility.

But ‘essential’ certainly does not mean ‘basic’ on the Aprilia SMV 750 DORSODURO. Components and performance are prestigious and the level of finish is worthy of a true flagship model. Radial calipers, hydraulic clutch, ride-by-wire engine control, wave discs, and matrix instrumentation with on board computer all combine to make the SMV 750 DORSODURO unique.

With a power to weight ratio of a pure sports bike, the Aprilia SMV 750 DORSODURO can thrill even the most performance-hungry rider. Let’s look at the features of the Aprilia SMV 750 DORSODURO in greater detail:

* 90° V twin engine with four-valve heads, double overhead cam and liquid cooling
* Ride-by-wire controls
* Electronic fuel injection with the latest generation of injectors
* Mixed gear and chain timing drive
* Three way catalytic converter with Lambda probe
* Compound steel trellis and aluminium alloy frame for extremely light weight and high torsional rigidity
* Aluminium alloy swingarm with offset monoshock
* Fully adjustable 43 mm upside down fork
* Racing brakes with radial front calipers

This, above, is the Aprilia Shiver 750cc introduced a few months earlier at the Paris International Motorcycle Show, a more street oriented naked bike version of the hard core Dorsoduro above. We think Aprilia has the right idea when it comes to launching their "Naked Passion" ad campaign.


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