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BMW K1200R
By the beginning of June 2005, the waiting wase over and the BMW K 1200 R - currently the most powerful naked bike in the world - will finally be on display in the showrooms for all to see.

´BMW Motorrad calls this scantily clad sister of the K 1200 S its ´high-end muscle bike´, fully aware of the polarising effect this will have on the motorcycling public. But whether or not you are the kind of person who is going to like the emphatically masculine appearance of the R, you really have to admit that it does bulge in all the right places.´ This model differs only slightly from the S version in terms of its performance data , mostly due to the changes made to the air intake and the positioning of the airbox duct on the right-hand side. ´Still, 163 hp at 10,250 rpm and a maximum torque of 127 Nm at 8,250 rpm should be more than enough to stretch out any rider´s arms - indeed, the handlebars are higher and wider than those of the S model, forcing the helmsman to adopt a more upright posture.´

´It is presumably not least for this reason, that the accessories catalogue lists a higher and broader dimensioned windshield for the R, which projects above the instrument panel borrowed from the GS, but has been given a different style of dial face.´ To counter the less favourable aerodynamics inherent in the design, a factor which is also responsible for the lower final speed, the end transmission has been shortened from 2.82 to 2.91, a move that is likely to result in improved acceleration and elasticity in the R.

´The differences in suspension characteristics between the S and the R, the latter a bike that has been fine tuned for improved handling, is no more than marginal. In the case of the latter, the mounting points of the joints in the duolever have been machined with a decreased offset, resulting in a steeper steering head angle of 61 degrees, or 0.4 degrees more. Front wheel coasting has fallen by 11 to 101 millimetres. The standard rear tyre size for the R is 180/55 with a 5.5 inch rim. It is also possible to fit the 190/50 sports wheels with a 6 inch rim at extra cost.´

´The spring elements, brakes and the part-integral ABS, fitted as standard, mean that this version is on a par with its sister model, a fact that is also reflected in the range of available accessories. Differences to the S include the seat, which is narrower towards the front, fitted behind the 19-litre synthetic fuel-tank. In the standard issue, this is set at a height of 82 centimetres, but a reduced seat height of 79 centimetres is available on request at no extra cost. The empty weight given by the manufacturer for the K 1200 R without accessories and optional extras is 237 kilograms.´ ´

As expected, BMW Motorrad has no intention of expecting naked bike riders to have to make sacrifices with regard to luggage. The bike has been designed to take the sport case system, tank rucksack and all the usual touring accessories already available for the S.´

BMW Motorrad have made it clear that they intend the sport-oriented rider to feel quite at home with this model. ´Before the marketing for the street version of the K 1200 R gets underway, the racing model will already be gearing itself up for its BMW Motorrad Power Cup premier. The racers, freed of all unnecessary lights, and of a more lightweight construction, thanks to the use of high quality carbon fibre elements, will be performing for the first time on May 15 in the side events of the MotoGP at the French Le Mans. Fans can expect to see and hear a few hp more than they can expect from the road version. The racing silencer manages without a catalytic converter and the bike benefits from modified engine tuning. The footrests have been set back, the gear changing is automatic, and there is also a lap timer as well as a gear flash. The tyres are both Racetec, made by Metzeler. This high-class cup event is guaranteed to attract the appropriate calibre of rider.

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