The new Bimota DB5 looks like the budget sportbike Ducati should be offering based on their 1000DS 2-valve aircooled 87hp engine. But with Bimota's high quality components and lower volume production this hot new sportbike will fetch a high end superbike price.

Bimota 2005
2 Exciting New 2005 Bikes at Intermot
International Motorcycle Show

October 2004: Three years after an Italian court closed Bimota and declared the company bankrupt the maker of some of the most beautiful, expensive and desirable bikes in the world has been revived with new management and new money. At the recent Intermot show, Europe's biggest motorcycle expo held in Munich, Germany last month, Bimota unveiled a prototype, a new model and their current SB8K bike.

The bike on which the tiny Rimini manufacturer is pinning its hopes is the DB5, built around the Ducati 1000DS L-twin motor that powers Ducati's 1000SS sports bike, the Multistrada and the 1000 Monster
The bodywork has been kept to a minimum so you can see the classic air-cooled motor.

This project was conceived with the ambition to take Bimota back to its origins: compactness, lightness and refined mechanical details were the initial inputs in the execution of a dream completely Made in Italy. The styling by Sergio Robbiano, enhances the aggressiveness of the DB5 by leaving most of the mechanical parts in view; it could be compared to a jewel-studded precious piece of art.
It features a trellis frame and a unique tubular trellis swing-arm, with Ohlins suspension at each end and an underseat exhaust system. The bodywork has been kept to a minimum so you can see the classic air-cooled motor with its exposed cam belts and dry clutch doing their thing.

Also unveiled was the Tesi 2D prototype powered by the 1000DS twin, but with the famous hub-centre steering system designed by Bimota engineer Pierluigi Marconi in the late 1980s for his thesis – hence the name "Tesi". A dream, re-interpreting Bimota1s traditional characteristics which have left an indelible mark in the history of the motorcycle, models such as the HB1, KB2 Laser, DB1 and other designs which have never been forgotten by enthusiasts all over the world.

The system – and the minimal chassis on which it pivots – have been further developed by ex-Bimota technician Rodrigo Ascanio who now has his own engineering set-up under the name VRM.
The Tesi also has no bodywork to speak of, so you can see the suspension system at work – see below for a bigger view of this unique motorcycle

Also shown was the SB8K which is the current and updated result of Bimota's previous commitment with the Suzuki TL1000S V-twin motor. It's painted in Anthony Gobert's colours to commemorate his attack on the World Superbike championship with the original SB8R. Now somewhat outdated, though beautiful executed in the Bimota tradition, the SB8K will have to carry the company until the DB5 becomes available.

Bimota Tesi 2D -Breathtakingly trick. The only question is why put Ducati's tamest 2-valve aircooled streetbike motor in an exotic hand built GP Chassis? This puppy is beggin; for a Testrasretta motor, radiators mounted in the tail.

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