Bimota DB5 Mille

Bimota DB6 and Delirio Milan
2006 - Sbove, the Bimota DB6, and blow the Delirio Milan powered by the aircooled Ducati DS2 engine.


Bimota DB7

Bimota DB7
2009 - Here was a brand-new bike from a company with a storied past, but this time Bimota stuffed the powerplant from one of our favorite bikes, the Ducati 1098, into one of the most stunning chassis we've ever seen. Excellent handling, lightweight, beautiful and expensive ($40,000) motorcycle lived up to our expectations. Power output is slightly improved from the standard Ducati, but the DB7's lighter weight made it feel much more responsive than its donor

The DB7 is dripping with exotic materials molded into a beautiful form by head designer Enrico Borghesan. Machined billet aluminum, titanium and carbon-fiber help the bike weigh in at a svelte 375 pounds dry. Cool details are what separate these handmade machines from mass-produced production bikes. A bike like the DB7 is more akin to a racebike than anything else on the showroom floor.

Bimota DB8 Superbike 2010

And the more affordable New 2010 Bimota DB8...
Rimini, Italy, February 1st,2010 - Despite the depressed economy with Japanese metric streetbike sales down nearly 60%, sportbike fans worldwide can rejoice with another exciting Superbike model joining the growing superbike market this year along with BMW and KTM. The new Bimoto DB8 Superbike gets to use the industry leading Ducati 1198 Testastretta engine in 170hp tune, hung from the usual beautiful Bimota billet machined aluminum and cromoly steel tube chassis. Claimed total weight (wet?) is 178kg / 392 lbs. The usual expensive Bimota construction materials like titanium and carbon fibre, have been substituted with plastic bodywork and a stainless steel exhaust system to help keep the bike more affordable in these tough economic times, but we still notice nice high end components like the Marchesini forged billet race wheels and Brembo mono block race brake calipers. It looks like you will still have to ante up for a slipper clutch, though. The DB8 is expected to retail for around $36,000.

Source: Ducati 1198 Testastretta Evoluzione, 4V 90°Twin-Cylinder
Displacement: 1198.4 cc
Cooling System: Liquid Cooled
Compression Ratio: 12.7±0.5:1
Maximum Power: 170 HP @ 9750 rpm
Maximum Torque: 96.9lbs•ft @ 8000 rpm
Exhaust System: 2-1-1, stainless steel

Front Brake: Double 320mm Brembo floating disc, 4-pistons radial Brembo callipers, radial pumps
Rear brake: 220mm floating disc, 2-piston Brembo calliper
Front Tire: 120/70 ZR 17 Dunlop Sportmax GP Racer
Rear Tire: 190/55 ZR 17 Dunlop Sportmax GP Racer

Frame: Welded 39NiCrMo4 Tubing and Machined 6082 Aluminium Alloy Plates
Wheelbase: 1435 mm
Front Suspension: Marzocchi USD forks DLC fully adjustable
Rear Suspension: Extreme Tech Monoshock fully adjustable
Fuel Tank: 4.23 gallons (1.05 gallon reserve)
Total Weight: 178kg (392lbs)
Steering Angle: 25°
Seat Height: 800 mm
Overall Length: 2100 mm
Overall Width: 700 mm
Overall Height: 1115 mm
Ground clearance: 135 mm

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