Kawasaki 2003 new models

The new Kawasaki 990 MotoGP Bike

Kawasaki’s MotoGP Bike follows conventional design
Of all the manufacturers in MotoGP for 2003, the new Kawasaki 990 which was unveiled in testing during the summer of 2002, is probably the most conventional design employing an inline 4-cylinder DOHC engine in a an aluminum perimeter frame very similar to their current production ZXR sportbikes. For the smallest of the Japanese big four manufacturers this design holds the least risk and makes the most sense, particularly since it can serve as the race track tested prototype for Kawasaki's long awaited next generation ZXR Superbike which will meet the new 1000cc displacement limit for Superbikes beginning with the 2003 season as well.

Former Kawasaki WSB superbike rider Akira Yanagawa sat out the 2002 race season to develop this bike, and he will be the factory's principal rider for the 2003 season. Akira did race this bike in the last 2 MotoGP races of the 2002 season, but it still proved to be down on power and he never ran in the top 10. The lack of a slipper clutch on the high compression engine also caused Akirato crash the first time he raced it as the rear wheel locked up backing off the throttle into a corner. The bike will have a slipper clutch and more power by the time the 2003 season gets under way. American Eric Bostrom will also race at selected MotoGP races which don't conflict with his AMA schedule in 2003, and then in 2004 Eric will either move to MotoGP on this bike or race Superbike on the new 2004 model ZXR1000.

The very convential design of the new Kawasaki MotoGP bike leaves nothing to risk for the smallest of the four Japanese manufacturers, and serves as a prototype for their upcoming new 2004 ZXR1000 Superbike.

Kawasaki’s all new In-line, 4-cylinder MotoGP engine.
During the early conceptual stages of development, a variety of engine layouts were considered. However, due to the many technical advantages of this configuration, this choice of engine architecture was deemed most appropriate.
The main reasons for choosing this layout are as follows:

1. Compared with a V-engine, the evenly spaced firing intervals of the In-line Four greatly simplify tuning of the intake and exhaust systems. Another related benefit is perfect primary balance, obviating the need for a balancer. In other words, it is an inherently well-balanced engine.

2. To achieve the desirable power characteristics with a 4-stroke engine, a rather long exhaust system is needed. However, the unequal front/rear spacing of, for example, a V-engine’s exhaust ports, requires complex exhaust plumbing to achieve the required lengths. Obviously, the In-line Four design eliminates these problems and gives the engineers a great deal of latitude in tuning the exhaust system for the desired power characteristics.
3. Compared to a V-engine, the In-line Four engine’s compact cylinder head makes it much easier to mount in a frame.

Fuel injection will make it easier to control fuel consumption when the fuel capacity regulations come into effect in 2004. Right: Injector sprays down into the bell mouth like Ducati's Superbikes.

Kawasaki's MotoGP Fuel Injection
This sophisticated fuel injection system combines the advantages of a carburetor with the advantages of fuel injection.The Keihin FCR-i system used by Kawasaki resembles a FCR carburetor. Unlike conventional fuel injection systems, which usually locate an obstructing butterfly valve in the intake tract (see lower left diagram), this system uses a slide like that used on a FCR carburetor. As a result, when the throttle is fully open there is no obstruction in the intake tract, and flow through the intake tract is greatly improved (see upper left diagram).

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