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Aly and AJ not too long ago, all sweet, sugar and spice, are now really hot and sexy.

Chicks That Kick Ass!

Aly and AJ
From Disney Pop Princesess to Sexy Rock Divas

Aly & AJ release 2nd Album "Insomniatic"
Update Summer 2007 -Aly & AJ's hot new single "Potential BreakUp Song was prelude to their 2nd album "INSOMNIATIC" which released on July 10th with their new national concert tour. Younger sis AJ (left) just granduated high school this month at age 18 at the top of her class, Magna Cum Laude, jut as older sis Aly (left) did last year.

Aly and AJ not too long ago, all sweet, sugar and spice, are now really hot and sexy.

We're suckers for beautiful pop rockers like Avril LaVigne, Christine Aguilera, Anna Nalick, Natasha Bedington, M2M and our own Calendar Motorcycle Show band the Beu Sisters. The newest addition to our favorite girl singers list is the teen sister group Aly & AJ Michalka who have pened and performed songs for a number of Disney pre teen movies and whose first full length CD "Into The Rush" which was release late last year features an incredible collect of their own excellent origional written and performed hits with incredible vocals, with good looks to match!

When we found out Aly and AJ were performing this past weekend at the House of Blues in Hollywood, CA, we were there in a flash to see the teen pop princess sisters in action. Still under the radar, the sisters have yet to be discovered by the adult listening audience and we found ourselves jam pack into the standing room HOB club house with about 500 hard core pre teen girls aged 8-10 chaparoned by their parents. When Ally and AJ took to the stage the piercing screams from their grade school girl fan club was more deafening than anything you could image.

But it was quite obvious from their sexy attire and new hard rock looks that the Michalka sister were all grown up and looking like veteran rock divas at this home town stop in the middle of their 4 month road tour. And they were playing for an adult audience who had yet to discover them. Incredibly beautiful and sexy, every AJ and Aly song is potentially a chart topping hit. Even more impressive was the fact how incredibly talented they are as musicians. Both performed on electrical and acoustal guitars, piano and electric keyboards, and then if we could be amazed enough, then on one song they got down on their knees with mini conga drums between their legs and hammered out a latin rock jazz melody duel that was additionally incredible.
There's not many male bands this talented, let along a couple of girl teens.

Click to Order! New Enhanced - Into the Rush CD with added Songs and Video

Just like Ann and Nancy Wilson of the band Heart back in the '70-80's, Aly and AJ are destined for greatness as the top girl rock group of this decade and onward as the rest of the music world discovers these sext rock divas. Click on their CD cover Into the Rush here to order ithere now online, and visit their website to hear and see more of these incredibly talented and beautifully sexy siters.

Aly and AJ on their "Chemical React" national summer tour, all grown up, very sexy and rockin' hard!

The hardest working, most talented, most beautiful sister act on the planet.

Double date?

Aly & AJ Official Websites: Hollywood RecordsAly and

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Celebrating their first gold album on the Hollywood Records label, aptly entitled Into the Rush (August 2005), Aly & AJ Michalka have been propelled into the music scene at an astonishingly rapid pace. Their first single, “Rush,” was recently released to Top 40 radio and immediately became one of the most added songs (#2). The video for “Rush” debuted on MTV’s TRL on February 15 and was shot in Hawaii by award winning director Marc Webb. Impressively, music isn’t their only talent. The girls recently signed a multi-layered deal with Disney, which includes their own pilot on the Disney Channel called “Haversham Hall,” which was created as a starring vehicle for the sisters to spotlight their acting abilities. Aly & AJ also recently filmed Cow Belles, their first movie together, in Toronto which premiered on the The Disney Channel March 24. The premier was the second highest rated cable program of the week; second only to The Sopranos. With so much activity going on in such a short time, Aly & AJ are truly becoming a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood.

Aly & AJ’s brand of melodic rock is refreshingly unique in today’s musical landscape, harkening back to a time when rock music ruled the radio with giants like Heart and Fleetwood Mac while still evoking modern day themes. In a review of their sold-out Los Angeles tour stop, the Los Angeles Times quipped, “…blending their voices in tart harmonies and favoring a folk rock sound somewhere between Avril Lavigne and Fleetwood Mac.” On their debut CD, Into the Rush the multitalented duo prove they’re close in spirit and in heart.

Aly & Aj Insomniatic CD music pictures photos website

Aly & AJ
Enhanced CD
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Aly & AJ
Into the Rush
Enhanced CD & DVD
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The two wrote all but two tracks on the album. (Their versions of “Do You Believe In Magic” and “Walking on Sunshine” were featured on the hit film, Herbie: Fully Loaded). What’s more, Aly co-stars as Keely Teslow in the hit Disney Channel series, Phil of the Future, which allows her to sing and act, while AJ has had guest spots on Six Feet Under, Oliver Beene and Birds of Prey, and regular roles on CBS’ The Guardian and the classic soap opera General Hospital.

Aly & AJ
On The Ride - Concert DVD
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Popular young pop singers Aly and AJ make their concert debut in On The Ride with live performances of seven songs from their first album Into the Rush. Set in a relatively intimate venue with an audience brimming with pre-teens and young teens, Aly and AJ deliver a solid, if somewhat short, concert performance. The pair seems genuinely exuberant and comfortable on stage, and their performance both vocally and instrumentally is polished and effective. Critics might criticize their decision to intersperse interview footage and "making of" discussion between the musical numbers rather than presenting them as a cohesive bonus feature following the concert footage, labeling it a not-so-subtle effort to extend the running time of the DVD. In truth, the juxtaposition functions effectively as a means of giving their young target audience insight into the meaning and mood of each musical number. Themes like bullying, first boyfriends, and sibling relationships pervade Aly's and AJ's primarily original songs and are entirely relevant to young audiences. Likewise, the footage of Aly and AJ acting like typical teenagers when faced with a room full of wardrobe choices furthers the sense that Aly and AJ are real kids who just happen to be making it big in the musical world.


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