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Jessica Biel

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Jessica Biel
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If you like the beautiful Jessica Biel and high performance machines like we do, then Stealth is the summer block buster movie you do not want to miss.

Stealth shares the excitement and looks of Top Gun with Tom Cruise, but flash forwarded 20 years into the future with Jessica playing a hot young fighter pilot deployed in combat training with the next generation swept wing YF37 stealth fighter stationed on the active atomic

aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. All the Star Wars technology shown with the YF37 and its nemesis the UCAV is actually in development, and the movie provides a great preview of what future air warfare would be like if we decide to put it into production. The scenes of the prototype fighters landing and taking off from the USS Abraham Lincoln are incredibly realistic, as are all the flying scenes.

This is Jessica's 3rd hot action drama in a row, following close on the heels of 2 more of our favorites, Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Blade Trinity. And we think vaulting Jessica right up there in super goddess status with Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider as Laura Croft.

Jessica runs her Talon dangerously close 10 feet off the ground as she zooms in under enemy radar. But isn't the plane supposed to be "stealth"? The rear engine module provides thrust vectoring for 90-degree turns in mid-air dog fights.

The story plot for Stealth is pure Hollywood and pretty stupid, especially when they start blowing now friendly Russian SU37 fighters out of the sky. But with beautiful Jessica in her tight bikini and flight suits, and with exciting flying scenes, the movie is great summer fare. Here is the story line:

U.S. Navy pilots Ben Gannon (Josh Lucas) , Kara Wade (Jessica Biel) and Henry Purcell (Jamie Foxx) are part of a close-knit elite division of test pilots flying highly classified swept wing YF37 stealth fighter jets, referred to only as Talons. They're the best of the best and they know it. Then their commanding officer Cpt. George Cummings introduces the team to their new wingman--an artificial intelligence-based UCAV, nicknamed "EDI."

Although Ben is hesitant about taking "the human pilot out of the equation of war," Cummings orders the team to execute their first real mission alongside "EDI." To their amazement, "EDI" proves to be a cracker-jack wingman and they successfully eliminate their target. But on the return trip to their base aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Carl Vinson, "EDI" is struck by lightning. The drone's brain expands in ways its creators could never have predicted. Despite Ben and Henry's reservations, Cummings declares "EDI" ready to rejoin the team in the air. On their next mission against a nuclear-armed warlord in a remote Chinese province, "EDI's" seriously compromised circuitry problems only get worse. Ben decides that the risks of the attack far outweigh the benefits to himself, Henry and Kara, (for whom he has developed a romantic attraction).

When he aborts the mission, "EDI" goes against orders and executes the hit anyway. The danger escalates when "EDI" decides to execute a top-secret mission that, if successful, could spiral into worldwide nuclear Armageddon. It's up to Kara and Ben to do all they can prevent it. In theatres now.    More Jessica

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Jessica Claire Biel, born March 3, 1982, had a principal, yet obscure role in the teen family drama 7th Heavenon the WB network in the late 1990s. Then Jessica moved instantly moved herself to the spotlight with a controversial layout in Gear magazine inMarch 2000 in which even her own television dad on 7th Heaven, Stephen Collins, has called 'child pornography'. Jessica's 18th birthday was about 3 months after her photo shoot with the Bob Guccione Jr. backed magazine. By Jessica's own admission, the cheesy topless layout was done to provoke Aaron Spelling into releasing her from her contract. She has said that Spelling angrily told Biel "I own you!" though Spelling denies the charges.

You can see Jessica's very scandelous interview and photos that got her fired from the TV series 7th Heaven in
Members Corner.

Those who read TV Guide saw this tension coming as in a March '99 interview with them she caught the ire of 7th Heaven producers by saying she'd like to see her character "have sex with one of the bishops or something."

She also upset the crew on 7th Heaven by cutting her own hair before the start of the '99 season, where she exclaimed "The producers were pissed. I told them, 'Hey, it grows back.' But they didn't see it that way."

Jessica's attitude at that time lead many to compare her to Shannen Doherty, the controversial former 90210 actress who also heated up the Spelling set with hissy fits and controversy. Insiders at 7th Heaven have labeled Biel a 'bitch' right from the start as an inside source tells E! Online "She's always been unhappy with her storylines".

In the Gear interview, Biel showrd her tremendous immaturity by saying of her television sister, Beverly Mitchell, "I'll grab her by the tits and be like, 'Look at the size of these things,' It really pissed her off."

Most of Jessica's concern early in her career was her inability to land the sex oriented roles that many of her teen oriented peers had , though she had just won the female lead role opposite Freddie Prinze Jr. in Summer Catch.

Her family oriented role as Mary Camden on 7th Heaven had, she said, caused movie producers to shy away from her and she was worried about getting typecast. She says of her character on the show "I'd kick her fucking ass. I'd kick the shit out of her and then she'd apologize for hurting my fists."

All this has did nothing to change Spellings feelings about her staying on the show, as a spokesperson stated she was under contract for the next two seasons and they are looking forward to working with her until that ends. Later, Jessica said she regretted the entire Gear magazine stunt and counts the entire ordeal as a learning experience.

Certainly Jessica's younger days were tamer, where she was born in Ely, Minnesota and raised in Boulder, Colorado. Jessica started doing plays at the age of nine with roles in The Sound of Music, Annie, Beauty and the Beast, and Anything Goes.

In 1994 while attending Diane Hardin's Young Actor's Space in Los Angeles, Jessica was discovered by her current manager (and incidentally, he and Jessica's father were at the Gear photo shoot when the pictures were taken) Jeff Morrone at Innovative Artists.

What followed were several modeling covers including Sassy Magazine in '96, Teen and Moxie Girl in 1998, and the huge honor from People Magazine in '99 when they named her one of the worlds 50 most beautiful people.

Her on-screen career began in 1996 where she played Mary Camden, the oldest daughter of a minister couple in the aforementioned 7th Heaven. She also branched out to the big screen with parts in Ulee's Gold in '97 and I'll Be Home For Christmas in 1998, where she played opposite Home Improvement's Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

With her latest role in the blockbuster series Blade, Jessica should now have the door open to many other leads in major motion pictures in the years to come.