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American Suzuki's New 2003 Roadracing Contingency Program
Feb. 18, 2003- American Suzuki Motor Corporation (ASMC) has introduced its 2003 Suzuki
roadracing contingency program. The Suzuki program which has provided 18 years of non-stop support for U.S. road racers now features over 1.5 million dollars in payouts for Suzuki racers nationwide. Highlights for
2003 include a totally revamped AMA Superstock program, higher regional payouts for 600, 750 and open class categories, a chance to compete in the World GSX-R cup, and the 18th annual Suzuki Cup Finals at Road Atlanta.

Suzuki AMA Superstock riders will be thrilled to hear about the heavily updated Suzuki contingency program for '03. AMA Superstock riders will now benefit from increased payouts for the top 15 positions ($250 for
15th), an increased championship bonus of $15,000, and higher overall payouts per position. Suzuki GSX-R riders will also be happy to hear that 600, 750 and open class category regional payouts have been increased for '03. The new payout structure for these regional classes now include a $1000 payout for first place, $500 for second, $275.00 for a third place finish, and $200 for fourth place.

The Suzuki World GSX-R Cup Final will return for its second year. America's best GSX-R750 mounted privateers will have a chance to win a spot on the U.S. team and take on the fastest Suzuki privateers in the
world in Magny-Cours France.
Finally, all Suzuki mounted riders will have the opportunity to race in the 18th Annual Suzuki Cup Finals at Road Atlanta and win their share of $80,000. Be sure to check out the Suzuki website at www.suzukicycles.com for complete details in early March.

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FastDates.com March 2003
Page 2 • Racing & Calendar News
Superbike, MotoGP, Calendar Girls

Official Calendar of the SBK World Superbike Championship
Sponsor of AMA 750cc Supersport Champs EBSCO Corona Extra Suzuki

This Week's Starting Grid: 2003 Pinup Calendar Review &

AMA 2003 Superbike Season Preview
Supermodel Meets Superbike Janelle tests the Ducati 999S!
MotoGP - The Gang of Fours - 2003 Season Preview
Our 2003 Annual Motorcyle Pinup Calendar Review Nudity!
Los Angeles Premier! Our 2003 FastDates.com Corona Extra   Suzuki AMA Superbike Team and LA Super Moto National
SBK 2002 Superbike Championship Final at Imola
   The most exciting Championship final ever, Edwards on top.
• MotoGP 2002 Valentino Rossi takes first new MotoGP Championship in Brazil HERE. Alex Barros wins season final.
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Superbike Gets Naked ! ! ! Another World's First -

Bend over & quack like a duck
A Revealing look at the all new Ducati 999F 03 SBK

Freddie Spencer to Kurtis Roberts just before the 600cc Supersport race - "Kid, just a few weeks at my riding school and you'll be to showing your relatives how to ride."

2003 AMA National Roadracing Championship: Round 1

Rain Postpones Racing and Disrupts Final Qualifying at Daytona
Kurtis Roberts Wins 600cc Supersport for Honda

Daytona Beach, Florida USA, Sunday March 9th, 2003: The 62nd Daytona 200 By Arai never got off the ground on Sunday due to rain but the crowd of motorcycle fans still got a treat with three thrilling support races including the 600cc SuperSport race which saw Erion Honda's Kurtis Roberts emerge from a 12 rider race-long lead battle to slingshot past Yamaha's Jamie Hacking at the finish line for the win. Honda's Miguel DuHamel moved up from eighth place entering the banking to claim third.

Kurtis holds off Miguel and Jaime amid a heated 12-rider battle for the 600cc SuperSport win.

Erion Honda's Kurtis Roberts gave the new Honda CBR600RR a glorious first American race debut, winning the Pro Honda Oils 600 Supersport race at Daytona International Speedway on a cloudy, overcast Florida morning. Yamaha's Jamie Hacking was just headed by Kurtis by only half a bike length at the finish line. American Honda's Miguel DuHamel finished third with Erion Honda's Jake Zemke taking fourth. Both chose gearing that wasn't optimal. American Honda's Ben Bostrom, on pole for the Superbike race, finished a dispiriting 10th. The former World Superbike star found it difficult to hold on to the handlebars after a vibration developed early in the race and made his hand numb.

Roberts, 24, the youngest son of three-time 500cc World Champion Kenny Roberts made a crucial gearing change before the race that allowed him to control the pace of the race from the outset. He led a furious lead pack of some twelve 600's at the start and for nine of the 15 laps. On the final tour of the high-banked speedway, Roberts exited the last corner, a chicane on the back straight, in second place, then powered to victory by 0.118 seconds.

"I can't say enough about theCBR600RR," Roberts, who will only race selected Supersport events, said. "It was perfect. I don't think I put a wheel out of place. It was definitely the most patient smoothest Daytona
600 in a while."

Helping propel Roberts to victory was a gearing change he and crew chief Dave McGrath made prior to the race. While the other riders were on the limit crossing the finish line, Roberts had power to spare.The win was Honda's 11th in the 600cc Supersport race at Daytona. Four of the previous wins were delivered by French-Canadian Miguel DuHamel, today's third place finisher.Erion Honda's Kurtis Roberts-First Place

"It wasn't the fastest pace we could have done," said Kurtis. "That's why I kept Jamie (Hacking) and all them guys behind me, because they don't have to race later on in the day and we had to. I kept them right where I wanted to and it was really easy. The bike was perfect. On the last lap I went back to third where I needed to be. The lapper got in the way and made Jake (Zemke) get a little antsy and jump on the throttle a little bit. It gave Jamie (Hacking) the gap to where I let him go down the straightaway that far and I passed Jake.

American Honda's Miguel Duhamel-Third Place "The bike was running good. I was out there really composed and really relaxed. My bike, when I got in the draft, hit the rev limiter a little bit and that's not good. I was having a little trouble with that. I could see Jamie and Jake (Zemke) up there (and thinking) as long as they didn't get away from me. I was just keeping that in mind and trying to figure out a way to get up there. I was hoping more guys in front of me the better because that would help me get a draft. I was so happy just to see how good my bike is. We're definitely in there the whole rest of the season and Kurtis (Roberts will switch to the Formula Extreme Championship which traditionally has not run at Daytona because the bigger engined Exteme bikes might outrun the Superbikes on the high speed banking -which is no longer the case for 2003 with the new 1000cc Superbike rules.)won't be there at all."

Erion Honda's Jake Zemke-Fourth Place- "It was going pretty good until that last lap. We kind of had to roll the dice on the gearing because it seemed like to gear it for the front straightaway we were losing out not the infield, but we put the gearing on that we thought was going to win the race for us. I'm pretty sure I had the fastest bike out there. I didn't have any trouble drafting past anyone at the line. It seemed like when I'd lead out of the chicane I'd tow them around almost all the way to the start-finish. I knew we were looking good.
I was having a little bit of a grip problem. With our gearing, it wouldn't really come off the corners the way we wanted on the infield.

American Honda's Ben Bostrom-10th Place- "The bike was fantastic. The only mistake I made on the bike was the gearing was a little short and I was on the limiter for probably a good five seconds going across the stripe. That wasn't the only problem. On the third lap, I don't know from the high vibration, I couldn't feel my hands. It started happening on the second lap and by the third lap I couldn't feel my hands any more. So I was just shaking off the left one but I couldn't let go of the throttle hand. So I couldn't grab the front brakes. I could feel
the throttle opening but not so smooth and I couldn't feel the brakes at all. It only happened once before and that was on a Supersport bike.

600 Results: 1. Kurtis Roberts (Honda); 2. Jamie Hacking (Yamaha); 3. Miguel DuHamel (Honda); 4. Jake Zemke (Honda); 5. Jason Disalvo (Yamaha); 6. Damon Buckmaster (Yamaha); 7. Jamie Stauffer (Yamaha)
8. Aaron Gobert (Yamaha); 9. Ben Spies (Suzuki); 10. Ben Bostrom (Honda); 11. Roger Hayden (Honda)
12. Matthew Wait (Yamaha); 13. Tommy Hayden (Yamaha); 14. Aaron Yates (Suzuki); 15. Alex Gobert (Honda).

750cc SuperStrock
Tomy Hayden wins 750cc SuperStock
on Kawasaki's baby 636cc machine

Daytona Beach March 10th: Tommy Hayden, riding the No. 22 Kawasaki, nipped Lee Acree at the checkered flag by .009-second to capture his first victory at Daytona, and the first win in the history of the class that a non-750cc machine. Hayden's win was aboard Kawasaki's new 636cc ZX-6RR, prepped especially for Superstock competition. Hayden threw out the theory of being a sitting duck when leading out of the chicane as he was able to hold off Acree at the finish line in what was a thrilling photo finish to Superstock race by just a few inches.

"I knew it would be close," Hayden said. "I knew the only chance I had (leading out of the infield). As soon as I got into second there off turn one, the only chance I had was to get some kind of break there in the infield. I got Lee going into the first horseshoe. I put my head down and that was my only hope. I must have just got enough gap to just hold it off because they were coming by the finish line fast. Definitely feels good to start off the season with a win.

I definitely knew I wanted to lead. I was just battling every lap just to stay ahead of guys. I didn't really have much of a strategy other than just try to get as close as I could to the front because I definitely wasn't going to be drafting by three or four guys. Even before the race I knew for sure I could run the pace and I was in the hunt but I found out that beating the 750 sometimes was a little tougher than just going fast. I knew it was going to be close."

Lee Acree, No 45 Suzuki, second place finisher
I didn't get a good drive out of the infield on the last lap like I wanted to that time. A couple guys came by and I was hoping to be second going into the chicane not fourth. Like I said, the bike was incredible. Steve and Eric and Mike, they ended up getting kind of wide, but giving me a good draft and I got a good run. Came up on Tommy and man it was awful close to the line. It was close. I thought I got him, but that's not what the screen said when we came back around. Hat's off to Tommy. He rode incredibly. He rode a smart race. He did exactly what he needed to do.

I thought I had squeaked by but unfortunately that didn't turn out to be the case. I had a great bike under me. I had a little bit of an issue mid race. The shifter stuck on it and that's what dropped me so far back. I just tried to be real precise with the shifter and work my way back up. The bike was incredible. I think that's part of what got me back in it. The bike and tires were awesome.

The last lap, I didn't mind being behind Tommy when he came by through the infield. I figured if I don't tow somebody else I'm going to get towed and somebody's going to slingshot by me. It's the typical deal. Nobody wants to lead unless they absolutely have to here. I didn't get the kind of drive I wanted out of the infield. I think I was just being a little bit too careful on it. A tire that had 15 hard laps on it, not wanting to be too aggressive with it. I paid the price a little bit for that. Fourth wasn't exactly what I had in mind going into the chicane on the last lap. But luckily I was able to get out of there pretty good and get a good tow.

I had a good run on Tommy. Man I thought I was there. It was so close. I think they said one or two inches on the TV screen when they went back and reviewed it."

Though the sun shone this Monday at the Daytona International Speedway, it still rained on the Corona Extra Suzuki parade with bad luck in both races entered!
In the main event, the Daytona 200 by Arai, rider Jordan Szoke started well in his first running of this prestigious race, getting as high as ninth before a bolt from another machine punctured the Suzuki GSXR1000 oil cooler covering the bike and tires with oil. Jordan was skilled in being able to stop without mishap.
In the Genuine Suzuki Accessories Superstock event, defending champion Jimmy Moore hit a false neutral as he tipped into turn one on the start, causing him to run straight, stop and run across a big expanse of grass covered in two inches of water. Moore left Turn One dead last. He rode like the same wind Daytona Speedway experienced over the event weekend, working his way past 16 riders but using up his tires in the process. Moore finished in 15th position by race end. Teammate Adam Fergusson, in this his first ever event at the imposing Speedway, rode very well getting as high as second during the race. Always in the lead pack of 7 bikes, Adam's inexperience in drafting and gearing selection for his Suzuki GSXR 750, so critical at Daytona, held him back at the finish, completing the race in the lead pack and netting 7th, only 1.4 seconds behind the winner. A great first Daytona result. Jordan Szoke was never able to break from the second pack of 6-8 riders and ended the race in 14th position.
Corona Extra Suzuki is proud to be partnering with Corona Extra, Suzuki, EBSCO Media, MTS, Parts Unlimited, Dunlop, Yoshimura R&D, Joe Rocket, Sidi Boots, MotionPro, Braking, Silkolene Lubricants, Suzuki Genuine Accessories, STR Motorsports, Lindeman Engineering, Bickle, FastDates.com, Yoyodyne, Hotbodies Racing, Zero Gravity, Regina Chain, Race Girl, GP Tech, RB Components, Spiegler, Box R, Stahlwille Tools.
Next race: Fontana, Florida March 6th - 9th.


Fast Dates Calendar babe
Jacki Kashes in at FHM
Beautiful brunette Jack Kash is one of the featured Calendar Angels in our upcoming 2004 Fast Dates Racebike Pinup Calendar sponsored by Performance Machine, MotoWheels, and Team EBSCO Corina Extra Suzuki. Jackie is also featured in the March '03 issue of FHM magazine where she is this month's "Hometown Honey" where she describes her home town of Santa Rosa, California, best known for its wine and peanuts. "Peanuts" as in the comic strip featuring Charlie Brown and Snoopy, since Santa Rosa was also the home of Peanuts creater Charles M. Schultz and now a Museum dedicated to him. We're dedicating our own musem to Jackie and her great photos in the upcoming Fast Dates Calendar....  click right for the bigger view.

photo curtesy FHM / www.BrianBHayes.com

Ducati Introduces New Monster SR4
In an effort to offer a more high performance naked bike similar to Aprilia's hot new Tuono model, Ducati is introducing this new Monster upgraded with the now outdated 996 Superbike engine and suspension components.. This bike will be an early release for the Ducati 2004 model year. It is expected to arrive in North American dealer showrooms by late summer of 2003.

With 113 HP, the Monster S4R is the most powerful naked Ducati ever made:it boasts the championship-winning, electronic injection, water-cooled Desmoquattro 996 engine. The set-up has been improved considerably, making this new bike an enormous step up from the previous S4 version. One of the most dramatic changes is a stunning MH-inspired single-sided aluminium rear swing arm. Among an entire host of exciting new features are a practical and elegant variable cross-section aluminium handlebar and a newly designed multi-functional instrument panel. A unique motorcycle built to beat the world's best on fast curvy roads, the Monster S4R is unbeatable on and off the track.

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Almost gone . . .
Here's your last chance to order a piece of sportbike history. Our 2003 Calendars are sold out in stores worldwide. Only a few copies remain left at Calendars.com.
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SBK Fast Dates 2003

Ripped Pavement 2003

USA order Online Now: Calendars.com

Garage Girls 2003

March 7, 2003 – Daytona Beach, FL. Ben Bostrom is celebrating the pole position and Rolex he earned at Daytona yesterday by announcing the launch of his new website, www.BenBostrom.com. In launching this site, Ben joins brother Eric in maintaining his own personal site.

Fans will be able to sign up for news updates, peer through a constantly increasing photo gallery, and just generally connect with the likeable rider as he returns home to contest the AMA Superbike title.

Ducati CEO Carlo DiBiagio Steps Down,
Chairmain Federico Minoli TO Assumes Chied Executive Responsibilities
Bologna, Italy, March 5, 2003 – Right on the heels of the firing of Ducati North America President Joe Piazza last week (se Pit Lane News previous page) Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. announced that Carlo Di Biagio, Chief Executive Officer, has resigned from the company for personal reasons. Federico
Minoli, Chairman of the Board, will assume chief executive responsibilities.

“We are very grateful to Carlo for his important contributions to Ducati since the early days of the turnaround, and in particular during the busy period of
the IPO in 1999,” said Minoli. “We have asked him – and he has agreed – to continue to support the company in a consultancy role which will allow us to benefit further from his deep knowledge of the company.”

“It has been incredibly exciting to lead Ducati through this dynamic period of product innovation,” said Di Biagio. “I am now looking forward to concentrating on other professional and personal opportunities.”

Di Biagio was appointed CEO of Ducati in July 2000. Previously, as of May 1997, he was CFO at the Company. As CEO, Di Biagio invested heavily in new product, including the new 999 Superbike and Multistrada, and led the Company’s eagerly awaited entry into the Moto GP championship in 2003. Federico Minoli was Chairman and CEO of Ducati from September 1996 until July 2000, and subsequently remained Chairman of the Board.


Los Angeles, CA. Feb 27th: 2003Corona Extra Suzuki is very pleased to announce it will be entering the Superbike class for the 2003 AMA Superbike Season with support from American Suzuki Motor Corporation and Suzuki Japan. Jordan Szoke will be handling the riding duties aboard the all-new 2003 GSXR1000.

Commenting on the announcement, Jordan said; "I'm really excited to get back into the Superbike class. It was great racing the class on the Harley but obviously we struggled. Now to get back in on the Suzuki with factory support should mean a really competitive package. I can't wait for the green flag to drop!"

Corona Extra Suzuki principal Landers Sevier said; "This is going to be a terrific opportunity for the Team and Jordan. We are very honored to have been chosen by Suzuki for this important project. This will be the first time in a long while that Suzuki Factory support has been provided to a Team in the US other than Yoshimura. However it is important to note that we will be working closely with Yoshimura in the program."

Corona Extra Suzuki is proud to be partnering with Corona Extra, Suzuki, EBSCO Media, MTS, Parts Unlimited, Dunlop, Yoshimura R&D, Joe Rocket, Sidi Boots, MotionPro, Braking, Silkolene Lubricants, Suzuki Genuine Accessories, STR Motorsports, Lindeman Engineering, Bickle, FastDates.com, Yoyodyne, Hotbodies Racing, Zero Gravity, Regina Chain, Race Girl, GP Tech, RB Components, Spiegler, Box R, Stahlwille Tools.
First race: Daytona, Florida March 6th - 9th.
For more information please visit www.corona-suzuki.com .

The Pirelli 2003 Calendar
When you're the world's biggest tire company with a One Million dollar budget to photograph your calendar, you hire the world's top supermodels right?

The Pirelli 2003 calendar features some of the most celebrated top models from throughout the world: Sophie Dahl, Yamila Diaz-Rahi, Isabeli Fontana, Bridget Hall, Heidi Klum, Karolina Kurkova, Natalia Vodianova, Sienna Rose Miller, Lisa Seiffert. And, as is now traditional, there are also some up-and-coming faces, such as Filippa Hamilton, Jessica Miller and Rania Raslan. Likewise.

Pirelli's 2002 Calendar featured Hollywoods hottest young actresses including Julia Styles, Mena Suvari (American Beauty) , Rachel Lee Cook (Josie & the Pussycats) , Lauren Bush (neice of the President), Erika Christensen (Traffic), Bridget Moyanhan (Coyote Ugly, Sum of all Fears), James King (Blow, Pearl Harbor, Lonestar State of Mind).

You can see detailed information on the Pirelli website at Pirelli.com

And vist our 2003 Sportbike Calendar review in The Pit Board

Life in the Fast Lane -
Exclusive! Calendar Girl Jaime
Pressly's TV kiss with Tiffany Amber Theisen! Click the picture for all the big juicy details.

Primedia/MotoMaster USA
Supermotard Nationals

1/28/03: Championship Series
SuperBikers2, LLC and Moto-Master USA have teamed up produce the 2003 Primedia Motorcycle Group US Supermotard National Championship Series. SuperBikers2,LLC is proud to announce this new 8 round
series with Primedia Motorcycle Group as its title sponsor.
The series will kick off in March and crown champions in 2 different classes in October.

Headlining the series will be the Open Supermoto Extreme class featuring the open displacement, big bore thumpers that have made this sport what it is known for today. The equally impressive 450X class will feature a
450cc displacement limit that will showcase the latest machines from many manufacturers.

Supermotard USA, SuperMoto USA, Mile High Motard, and SuperBikers2,LLC will hold regional races to run as support classes in conjunction with national event for their host weekend.

The supermotard racer is one who has talents in various types of racing environments: motocross racing, dirt-track racing, and roadracing are all key ingredients to a successful supermotard racer. With
over 600 members within the regional organizations and many riding backgrounds, the action should be intense. Having a strong rider base is key to making this series grow. By joining with the many regional groups, we have the critical ingredient for great racing action for our spectators to see.
Add in some top level racing facilities and averyone is assured guaranteed a great time, for both spectator and racer.

Major National Championship rounds will be showcased at major events including the Phoenix Bike Fest on March 28-30th and the Los Angels Calendar Motorcycle Show weekend July 19-20 to bring supermoto racing to the racing public. You can find more information on the rules, schedule, sponsors and more at www.superbikers2.com.
You can also call Glenn Curtiss at (920) 912-3009 or Paul Brent at (760) 757-3524.