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Kari Kimmel
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What's Hot!
Kari Kimmel
LA Calendar Show
July 12-13th
Incredible new singer/song writer
featured on top TV and Movie sound tracks will be performing music from her awesome new CD live at our upcoming LA Calendar Motorcycle Show both days on July 14-15th!
Kari Kimmel on

Kari's new CD "A Life in the Day" will be sold at the show, or go to to get your own copy today!
Kari's songs now on itunes...

sportbike Performance Riding Techniques book
Buy Kari at

Meet Our Calendar Angels! Apparel

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Bill Clinton Presidential Center Hosts
“Art of the Chopper”

with Shinya Kimura's
Iron & Lace Calendar Bikes

Through Feb. 8, the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Ark hosts “Art of the Chopper” an exhibit of 30 gleaming handcrafted motorcycles from around the country. Clinton center director Terri Garner says “Just as Bill Clinton defines the end of the 20th century, so does the chopper”. These custom motorcycles (with portraits of the builders) are already featured in Tom Zimberoff’ 2 hard cover books “Art Of The Chopper I & II’. The exhibit is included in the museum’s regular admission price. Tickets: $7, adults; $5, seniors (62 and older).

Betty Page

In Memoriam Of Bettie Page
Legendary pinup queen Bettie Page who modeled in photography from 1950-1957 died of pneumonia at the age of 85 in a Los Angeles, California.

Page passed away Thursday December 11th, 2008. She had battled with bad heath for a considerable time before suffering a heart attack on the 4th. Page gained notoriety in the 1950's for her then provocative and sexually charged photos which often contained bondage and nudity.
She is credited by many for jump starting the cultural sexual revolution that continued into the 1960's and 1970's. Her popularity was fueled by camera clubs and mail order picture magazines. She was featured in over 20,000 photos and became the "it-girl", her photos adorning the walls of army barracks, school lockers and oak dens across America.

Betty was an American icon, the “ultimate sex goddess,” and forsome she outscored Marilyn Monroe. She had an extraordinary intelligence and personality and was for many a James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren type of rebel figure. An embodiment of beauty and sensuality, her images have been used on many of our custom culture artworks.

Ironically, Betty quit nude modeling in1957s - at the height of her career - due to the highly critical moral enviroment at the time. She disapeared into obscurity, moved from California to to Florida, married and never knew that her published photos had elevated her to a cult pinup icon by the 1970-80s thanks to republication of her pictures in Playboy and tributes by new pinup artists like Olivia. About 3 years ago Bette was discovered in Florida and was talked into coming back out in public to receive the admiration of the pubishng and art world , and her fans. No doubt that she will never stop to capture our imagination. Bettie Page.

Custom Bike Pinup Calendar News January - February 2009

Tiffany Toth, Iron & Lace Calendar 2009
This Month in the Iron & Lace Calendar .... Calendar Kitten Tiffany Toth gets ready to ready to race this 1920s Excelsior replica board track racer created by famed Japanese customizer and LA Calendar Motorcycle Best of Show winner Shinya Kimura /'ll find large size screensavers of all our past and present Calendar pages and lots of very revealing pictures of our Calendar Kittens including Tiffany in Members Corner.

Bill Clinton Presidential Library Center Hosts “Art of the Chopper”
with Shinya Kimura's Iron & Lace Calendar Bike
Through Feb. 8, the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Ark hosts “Art of the Chopper” an exhibit of 30 gleaming handcrafted motorcycles from around the country, including Shinya Kimura's Excelsior Board Track racer (above0 featured in the 2009 Iron & Lace Calendar.

Clinton center director Terri Garner says “Just as Bill Clinton defines the end of the 20th century, so does the chopper”. These custom motorcycles (with portraits of the builders) are already featured in Tom Zimberoff’ 2 hard cover books “Art Of The Chopper I & II’. The exhibit is included in the museum’s regular admission price. Tickets: $7, adults; $5, seniors (62 and older)

Tiffany Toth in Members Corner

Oh, and did we forget to mention that Tiffany was recently photographed by Playboy to be a new upcoming Playboy Playamte centerfold! You'll find large size screensavers of all our past and present Calendar pages and lots of very revealing pictures of our Calendar Kittens including Tiffany in Members Corner.

Buy the 2009 Iron & Calendar • Download Big Screensaver Photos in Members Corner

Brad Pitt motorcycle, Shinya KimuraBrad on the Best of Show winning Calendar bike.

Brad Pitt Buys Shinya Kimura's LA Calendar Motorcycle Best of Show
Winner, Ad Campaign and Iron & Lace Calendar Featured Bike

Los Angeles, CA, Jan 9th - The paparazzi in Hollywood snapped actor Brad Pitt riding one of his cool motorcycles from his home in Beverly Hills, down to the studios for work. The bike just happens to be the unique retro V-Twin custom sportbike built by famed Japanese builder Shinya Kimura, formerly with Zero Engineering and now

This bike along with builder Shinya made their first ever appearance in America at the July 2004 LA Calendar Motorcycle Show where they clinched Best of Show in the Calendar Bike Building Championship. A few months later this winning bike was photographed by Calendar photographer Jim Gianatsis with beautiful Calendar Kitten, former Miss Harley-Davidson and Miss Texas, Robin Cunningham. Pictures from that shoot were used both in the ad campaign for the 2005 LA Calendar Motorcycle Show Weekend (seen below) and in the 2006 Iron & Lace Calendar.

Like many of the top male actors in Hollywood,including Tom Cruise and George Clooney,Brad owns a huge collection of exotic custom and sportbikes, including the Ducati Desmosedicci RR. And when they work together on film's like Oceans 11, they hold a competition each day to see who can ride the coolest bike to the studio where they ballpark together in one spot. With Brad's purchase of Shinya Kimura's LA Calendar Motorcycle Best of Show winner, you get a good idea of where a lot of celebrity buyers look to find their next ride.

Brad Pitt, Shinya Kimura motorcycle, LA Calendar Motorcycle Show

Buy the 2009 Iron & Calendar • Download Big Screensaver Photos in Members Corne

Rache Bernstein , LA Calednar Motorcycle Show

Meet Rachel B!
2009 LA Calendar Bike Show Hostess and new 2010 Calendar Kitten

January 1st, 2009 - She's our newest and one of the most beautiful Calendar Kittens ever!
Southrn California based supermodel and makeup artist Rachel Bernstein has been shooting with Calendar photographer Jim Gianatsis since this past summer of '08 for our upcoming 2010 Calendars where she'll appear in all 3 editions: Fast Dates, Iron & Lace and Garage Girls with some just as beautiful girlfriends including sexy brunette Sabella Shake and red haired adult film star and Hustler centerfold Jayme Langford. We promise you are in for a real treat!

The above Calendar shoot with Rachel, taken dockside at the Queen Mary historic ocean liner in Long Beach, CA, and featuring a Performance Machine customized Haley Softail, is also being featured in July 18-19th 2009 LA Calendar Motorcycle Show Weekend marketing campaign. Rachel will be at the Show all weekend to assist us with on-stage hosting duties and to meet with fans to autograph all 3 of her 2010 Calendars making their World Permier at the Show. We hope you will join us there!

Next LA Calendar Motorcycle Show Weekend set for July 18-19th 2009
Details HERE

We party at the Playboy Mansion with twins, Rachel B and Paris Hilton!
Rachel Bernstein, Paris Hilton


And now for something really different.....

Roehr Turbo Harley V-Rod Superbike

Walter Roehrich is a roadracing enthusiast from Gurnee, Illinois, who dreamed to build his ultimate street bike. It needed to be light weight, powerful and above all handle like a current GP bike. The desire to take on this challenging project grew from Walter Roehrich's love and passion for sportbikes and a desire to express his ideas and build a unique bike that was not available from current manufacturers. That uniqueness including using an American Harley-Davidson supplied power plant.

The final finished result shown here, the Roehr 1250SC Turbo, is now in limited production for customer ordering. The bike is certainly beautiful, and is equipped with the best components like a high-ed MV Agusta or Ducati 1098R Superbike and priced accordingly at $49,999.

RoehrThe turbo mounts above the engine in the space normally reserved for the airbox. CLICK TO ENLARGE

The Engine
The Roehr 1250sc is powered by a 180hp, specially developed version of the Harley-Davidson* V-Rod* engine. The engine was designed by Harley Davidson back in the 1990's with assistance with Porsche AG. It is loosely based on the Harley-Davidson VR1000 superbike engine. The design goal 15 years ago was to create a new engine that was modern, powerful and reliable providing HD with an engine for the future. The result was an 1130cc (since increased to 1250cc) liquid cooled, DOHC, eight valve, 60 degree, V-Twin engine with a performance like large bore short stroke architecture. This engine was named the "revolution" engine.

Roehr Motorcycles has applied its Roehr Supercharging System (RSS) technology to enhance this engine's power output without changing the character of it's power delivery, resulting in a truly thrilling riding experience. The result is the most powerful American production motorcycle engine available. But, just as important as outright power is the way the power is delivered. RSS provides smooth controllable power responding to the riders commands.

At the heart of RSS lies the patented Rotrex (C15-60) centrifugal supercharger unit. This supercharger provides the highest levels of efficiency and performance in a compact, light weight unit. This unit weights only 6.4 lbs. and is no larger than a typical small car alternator. Combined are a high efficiency, highly developed "Turbo" centrifugal compressor section, mated to a patented planetary roller drive mechanism. This drive mechanism provides an extremely high step-up ratio of 12.7/1 as well as very low noise output, low wear and excellent reliability.

RSS is designed to provide boost upon rider demand. A special bypass valve is employed to re circulate unneeded air back into the compressor during certain operating ranges such as idle, cruise and deceleration, this effectively disconnects and unloads the supercharger, thus reducing parasitic drag and increasing engine efficiency. In this mode, the engine operates as it's stock normally aspirated self.

Under acceleration the bypass valve closes allowing compressor air to pressurize the intake plenum. The Rotrex supercharger delivers air in proportion to it's driven speed. As engine speed increases the supercharger air output increases proportionally. This strategy is responsible for the extraordinarily smooth and linear power delivery. Power increases in proportion to engine RPM all the way to redline.

RSS enables efficient engine operation with stock emission output levels. Due to the relatively low boost levels of the RSS and low intake charge temperature increase relative to other supercharger types, an intake charge intercooler is eliminated, contributing to a lighter and more compact system.


The Chassis
The Roehr 1250sc features a unique Bi-Metal beam frame. The frame is constructed of 4130 Chrome-Moly steel and 6061 T6 Aluminum. This method allows each material to be used in areas of the frame that their material characteristics are best suited.

A motorcycle frame needs to be strong, stiff and light weight, but also needs to flex just enough under certain conditions. This controlled flex provides essential information, providing the rider with added confidence near the limits of tire grip. Additionally, this flex also adds a level of dampening which is especially beneficial when the motorcycle is leaned over on the edges of the tires. Under these conditions the motorcycle's suspension effectiveness is dramatically reduced due to road forces no longer acting on the suspension at parallel angles.

The Roehr 1250sc boasts high-spec running gear – Ohlins suspension, Marchesini alloy wheels, Brembo brakes with radial-mount calipers at the front, composite bodywork The single sided rear swingarm and rear wheel hub / brake / sprocket assembly was obviously sourced from a Ducati Superbike.


Is the Roehr 1250SC a serious sport or racebike? Not really. It doesn't fit in any race class with its oversized engine and turbo charging. And it's some 50 pounds heavier than the competition, thanks to the cruiser based Harley V-Rod engine. The most disconcerting thing for us, though, is the shallow wet sump oil pan on the street touring bike engine that isn't designed to pick up splashed about oil under high G-loads from braking, acceleration, cornering, and least of all wheelies.

Where the Roehr will find a nice though, is among wealthy high end collectors (Jay Leno and Tom Cruise to name a few) who own a stable of unique high end bikes, machines like the American V-Twin powered Ecosse and Confederate, or the Italian Bimota with their similar unique chassis and components. In this respect the Roehr sits right in as a cruise night or Rock Store attention getter. It's marketing drawbacks include the unique turbo engine unit that is hidden from view behind the full fairing and under gas tank. And the MotoGP clip-on handlebar riding position that no longer is practical for middle age millionaires. Marketing wise, it might be a good idea to also offer a high handlebar naked bike version of the Roehr, similar to the Aprilia Tuono and Ducati Streetfighter.

Ecosse Titanium

More V-Twin Exotica
Here's some more cool exotic V-Twins we'd love to fnd next to the the tree on Christmas morning! Hopefully Calendar Kitten Rachel knows we've been good?

Above, the Ecosse Titanium Limited Edition features a turbo charged American V-twin in a hand made titanium frame with Ohlins race spec Superbike suspenion and ISR 6-piston brakes and controls. Get 9 more for your best friends frm Ecosse's exclusive 10-bike production run at just $275,000 each. And we thought $72,000 Ducati Desmosedicci RRs were a little pricey.

Fast Dates Calendar photos prints murial MotoGP World Superbike, Kevin Schwantz Suzuki RG500Beautiful Playboy cover model Amanda Bently at the classic 1940's Canyon Service Station in Santa Monica, CA, with a Paul Yaffe chopper, this incredible photo was featured on the cover of the 2003 Iron & Lace Calendar.

First Time Ever! Calendar Images Available for Sale!
Photo Prints, Posters, Canvas Wall Murals

Now, for the first time you can have my favorite, most memorable Calendar photos reproduced to museum qualty standards for your home, garage, office or store, thanks to our new partnership with one of America's premier online photo labs. Choose from photo prints on quality photo paper, to huge poster and mural size Giclee' photo prints on archival rag paper or canvas mounted to wooden frames or display boxes.
Now you can enjoy my best photos of the the world's finest motorcycles with beautiful models! - Jim Gianatsis


Marisa Miller calendar
Marisa Miller 2009 Calendar Click to Order!
Sex Sells! Sports illustrated Supermodel Marissa Miller shoots for Harley-Davidson
America's hottest swimsuit model, Califonrnia girl Marissa Miller who has been featured in recent years in the famed Sports Illustated Swimsuit Calendars and Videos, as wel as the Victoria's Secret Lingerie Catalog, recently did a shoot with Harley-Davidson to promote their newly revised V-Rod. Using a known. Using a model endorsement is a big turnaround for Harley who discontinued using a Miss Harley-Davidson spokesmodel to promote their bikes at consumer events back in 2002, their last spokesmodel being our own Calendar Kitten Rockin' Robin Cunningham.
Click on the cover at left to order Marisa's 2009 Calendar

Marissa Miller

CLICK ABOVE TO GO BIGGER: Turning a Sow's Ear into a Silk Purse? You can get a copy of Marissa's V-Rod Poster at your local Harley-Davidson dealer. It's sure way for Harley to increase dealer floor traffic during these tough economic times as they resort to sex to help sell the V-Rod. We found running as a 2-page ad spread in the December issue of Road & Track magazine as H-D looks for more buyers outside the motorcycle industry. See more at H-D/MUSCLE

Marissa Miller

We'd like to see a little more of Malissa, though. And ordering her sexy new 2009 Malissa Miller Calendar (above) featuring many almost nude photos is the best way to do that!

Jessica Biel Calendar

Gabrielle Anwar Calendars on Burn Notice with Gabrielle Anwar
Sept 1st 2008 - Over the years, the Calendars have served as props in television shows and movies including Melrose Place (co-staring Calendar Kitten Josie Bisset) and Gone In 60- Seconds with Nicholas Cage. Angelina Jolie.

Another TV show "Burn Notice" using our calendars. The episode is titled "Hot Spot" and will air in either January or February 2009. They will either be used as a "prop" in which Gabrielle Anwar's character, who poses as a publisher from a calendar company, shows them to a potential client. OR they will be displayed on the walls of a billiards club or a cigar bar.

"Burn Notice" is on the USA Network and airs Thursday nights at 10pm. The website is www.usanetwork/series/burnnotice

Actress Gabrielle Anwar is the sexy smart co-star on Burn Notice which is crime dramafilmed in Miami Her past credits include many TV shows and movies: The Three Musketeers, For Love or Money, Scent of a Woman, and HBO's The Tudors.

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Fast Dates Calendar NewsPit Lane NewsCalendar Girl NewsMeet the Models

See much more of our all our beautiful calendar girls
in their sexy pictorials in Members Corner...


Some of our Calendar Girls can also be seen at Playboy's website... - the largest biker personals site!


Featuring Playboy models Tamara Witmer, Tiffany Toth

2009 Calendar Preview!
Get a full look NOW of all the 2009 Calendar photos in big screensaver size in
Members Corner Calendar Photos, Postrs, Canvas Murals motorcycle, girls, girl, MotoGP, World Superbike

Carrie Stroup

Carrie Ann Stroup
Meet Calendar Kittens
featured in the 2009 Calendars
Tiffany Toth

Tiffany Toth

West Coast Choppers Calendar
Choppers 12x12

More 2009
Bike Calendars!

Click to Order

Maxim Calendar 2009
West Coast Choppers 12x12

Choppers bobbers Calendar

Dream Girls Calendar 2009

Harley-Davidson Calendar 2009

Harley-Davidson Archives Calendar 2009

Mikuni HSR Carburetor, discount mail order prices

Harley-Davidson is Hurting Like Detroit
Jan 25th - It’s official. Harley-Davidson has applied to have Harley-Davidson Credit Corp. and Eaglemark Savings Bank declared eligible for TLGP (Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program). TLGP guarantees a corporation unsecured debt against default. It means that the government FDIC would pay the bills of Harley-Davidson financial entities if Harley were unable to pay its bills. Harley-Davidson fourth-quarter earnings report is due on Friday, and as I told you last Sunday, analysts expect Harley-Davidson motorcycle sales to be down 20 to 30% for the 4th quarter.

Harley-Davidson to close facilities, lay off 1,100, reduce shipments
Jan 23rd - Export sales appeared to be the only good news for Harley-Davidson as the release of its fourth quarter and 2008 year end results were accompanied by a range of cost-cutting announcements that include lay-offs, production cuts and facility closures.

Confirmation of the as-expected poor performance and economy measures comes with its dealer network gathered in Washington, D.C., for the firm's annual Winter dealer convention.

In an effort to stabilize its finances the Motor Company is planning to consolidate its two engine and transmission plants in the Milwaukee area into its facility in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, and also consolidate paint and frame operations at its assembly facility in York, Pennsylvania.

The firm's distribution facility in Franklin, Wisconsin, will be closed, with Parts and Accessories and General Merchandise distribution being taken on by a third party, and it will also discontinue operation of its own domestic transportation.

Some 1,100 jobs are expected to be lost in 2009 and 2010, with up to 70 percent of them going within 12 months.

Talking about the changes to the business structure, Jim Ziemer, the CEO and 'Harley lifer' who recently announced his intention to retire, said: "We obviously need to make adjustments to address the current volume declines, but we are also determined to do that in a way that will make us more competitive for the long term. Our management group will engage with union leaders, through our partnering relationship, regarding these changes."

It is hoped that the changes will result in an annual saving of approximately $60 million to $70 million.

As the first quarter of 2009 progresses the Company says it plans to ship between 74,000 and 78,000 new motorcycles, a 3.0 percent to 8.5 percent increase versus the first quarter of 2008.

However, for the full year the Company plans to ship between 264,000 and 273,000 new Harley-Davidson motorcycles, a 10 percent to 13 percent reduction from 2008.

"We reduced our production levels prudently in 2008, helping our dealers achieve lower inventory levels," said Ziemer, "and we're going to show similar discipline in 2009. That's not only critical for the health of our business, but for our dealers' businesses, as well."

These shipment figures come despite a marked increase in international sales in the final part of 2008 for the Motor Company.

Retail sales grew 0.7 percent in the Company's international markets during the fourth quarter of 2008 compared to the year-ago period.

Fourth quarter retail sales increased 3.4 percent in Europe, with all international market retail sales increasing 10.3 percent for the full year.

Domestic U.S. retail sales of Harley-Davidson motorcycles declined 13.0 percent for the full year, in a U.S. heavyweight market that was 'only' down by 7.0 percent for the year.

Revenue for the full year was 2.3 percent down (at $5.59 billion) on shipments of 303,479 for the year (down 8.2 percent)

2009 Hollister Rally
Canceled Again

by Cyril Huze, Jan 1st - Hollister, “birthplace of the American biker”, doesn’t want to welcome a 2009 rally. For the second time in three years, city council members in November canceled the July Hollister Motorcycle Rally. The city wants expenses for the event to be paid up front. The 2008 rally saw the city invest taxpayer money in rally merchandise, ending up losing $125,000 on the deal. The total cost for the rally was $365,000. The question is how many bikers will still show up in Hollister in July if the rally remains officially canceled.

2009 Rebirth Of Daytona Bike Week Riverfront Park On Beach Street
by Cyril Huze, Jan 1st - Ten years ago, in it’s past glory days, the Daytona Beach rallies were prominently centered around Beach Street and its Riverfront Park. I have fond memory (the market was very strong) of all my Bike Week and Biketoberfest events in this location. All main builders (do you remember “Custom Builders Row”) and parts manufacturers were displaying side by side, and not spread all over Daytona & Ormond Beach, like now. It was a lot of fun to be all together, working, helping each other but also having good times, hoping from tent to tent, exchanging jokes, sharing a fast meal and planning our Daytona nights…

Then, it all went away because of the city unfriendliness approach with our gathering and the decision of Bruce Rossmeyer to open Destination Harley in Ormond Beach. But now we learn that Bruce has engaged one of his companies, Biker Threads, to enter into an agreement with the City of Daytona Beach in order to bring back the activities that made motorcycling events fun on Beach Street. So, the Beach Street’s Riverfront Park is back to become again one of the main focuses during the next Bike Week (with Ormond Beach & International Speedway) with a Vendor Village, Custom Bike Builders and OEM Displays, Live Entertainment, Beer Gardens, Stunt Shows, Parts Installation Areas, food court, etc. Vendor information.

2008 Calendar Bike Building Championship Winners

Performance Machine
Best of Show
Jim Giuffra
/ AFT Customs

Iron Works
!st Place Pro Builder
Kenji Nagai / Kens Factory, Japan

Best Performance Machine Bike
Todd Silicato / Todd's Cycle

1st Place Street Custom
Devin Montgomery

1st Place
Mikuni Street Performance
C.W. Morris

9th Annual V-Twin Expo
February 7-9th 2009

The V-Twin Expo, the largest Dealers only event devoted exclusively to the V-Twin industry, will happen again at the Cincinnati Duke energy Center from February 7th to 9th. Of course I will be there to report the highlights of this event. It is recommended that dealers who intend to visit the show pre-register HERE to avoid long lines on the morning of February 7th. In addition to being a huge trade show, the V-Twin Expo offers other activities like a series of seminars focusing on today’s most interesting topics. Scheduled this year: 1-The untapped markets, selling to women and men under 35. 2- The need for speed with a high performance panel. 3- Survival of the fittest, part 2. 4-Combatting counterfeits and knock off’s. 5-Motorcycle dealers insurance. Info and Registration at V-Twin Expo.

Official Bike Show T-Shirts!

Ex Titan Motorcycles Don Proudfoot Shot To Death.
by Cyril Huze, Dec 15th, 2008 -
Donald A. Proudfoot, ex-owner of Titan Motorcycles (second era), was shot in the head and killed this Monday morning in his girlfriend’s home near Anthem (north Phoenix), Arizona. His girlfriend Hope Smith was not injured and called 911 at 4.30 AM. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Homicide Unit is still investigating the shooting in the 300 block of West Irvine Road. The Sheriff’s Office said it was not clear if the incident was a home invasion. At this point, Hope Smith is not a suspect and nobody has been taken into custody.

Under Don's ownership, Titan Motorccyles was an exhibitor and participant at our
LA Calednar Motorcycle show Weekends from 2003-2006.

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